Trial scheme information


Trial scheme information

We are excited to present our plans for the trial scheme that will help make Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George quieter, safer and healthier places to live and spend time.

Have a look at the plan below, or take a closer look at the trial measure and see what local streets will look like once it’s underway.

Find out more at drop-in info sessions and walkabouts throughout May and June.


How we got here 

Lots of people told us how streets across the pilot project could be improved by using a range of measures from our design toolkit.

We put all of that feedback together in our co-develop engagement report, and have used it to shape the trial.

The trial will take place from the autumn 2023 and will see a series of measures installed across Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George.

Measures include:

We will also be installing 10 cycle hangars across the area as part of the trial and will be contacting nearby households about their locations. Once the exact locations have been agreed, residents will be able to sign up to use them. 

While we can't plant trees as part of the trial, we will be using trees in large planters to demonstrate where street trees could go on local streets, whether along pavements or as part of a pocket park or modal filter. We will be communicating this soon, stay up to date with the project news.

How the scheme would work

The entire area will still be accessible by vehicle, however the routes you take would change. For example, if you lived on Cossham Road in the yellow area, you would enter and access via any of the other yellow streets. You would still be able to drive to the other coloured areas, but would need to enter via the main roads. You would be able to pass through any of the measures by walking, cycling, wheeling or scooting. Bus access is maintained throughout the area. 

We’ll be asking for your views again once consultation has taken place and the trial is underway. During the trial we will run workshops to co-design what the permanent measures could look like.

Have a closer look at the plan for the trial scheme. You can also check the below list for each street that is having measures trialled on them: 

Talk to the team

Many of you came to the info sessions and walkabouts in May and June, but feel free to get in touch if you still have questions, comments or feedback. 

Book a one-to-one phone call or virtual meeting with the team to find out more, ask questions, and raise any issues.

Email the team

Telephone: 0117 903 6449 and leave a message and we will call you back.

Check out the following documents

EB LN Area Map Traffic Flows Trial scheme.pdf
EB LN Area Map Traffic Flows Trial scheme.pdf

This engagement phase has finished

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