Permanent scheme


About the permanent scheme

We are working on indicative plans for the permanent scheme. This is an evolving process that will change following feedback from the trial scheme.

Some measures can only be installed on a permanent basis, so we are unable to trial them. However, they will still be included in the final scheme and include:

  • street lighting - focussed around on the River Avon Trail and Silverthorne Lane.
  • signalised crossings - improved or new crossings at, Chalk's Road, Blackswarth Road/Beaufort Road, Netham Lock, Summer Hill Road/Summer Hill Terrace and Crews Hole Road/Conham Road.
  • side road treatments - focussed on Church Road high street.
  • planting street trees - additional street trees following community engagement
  • cycle hangars - additional cycle hangars following community engagement.
  • sections of protected cycle track - require further technical work to determine feasible locations based off the community feedback.

We’ll be asking for your views again once the trial is underway and will run workshops to co-design what the permanent measures could look like. 

Have a look at the project timeline for more information on when the permanent scheme is likely to be installed. 

Get the latest project news to stay up to date and hear when the co-design workshops will be. 

Check out the following documents

EBLN Permanent scheme_2023.pdf
EBLN Permanent scheme_2023.pdf