Updated Avonvale Road, Pilemarsh - Bus gate


Updated Avonvale Road, Pilemarsh - bus gate

A bus gate at the junction of Avonvale Road with Pilemarsh. 

The measure would include red road surfacing, 'bus gate' road markings and would be enforced with cameras, which means that emergency services would not have to remove a bollard during emergencies. 

We are now proposing to make the following exemptions at all of the bus gates as part of the scheme:  

  • emergency services
  • refuse vehicles 
  • professional carers providing care within the community. 
  • parents with children attending SEND schools
  • taxis and private hire vehicles
  • Disabled Class Vehicles
  • cycles and e-scooters

This would mean these vehicles would be able to drive through the bus gate without receiving a fine. 

The exemptions in these locations would mean that car journeys would be simpler for anyone providing professional care or who have challenging and time constrained journeys associated with care. The taxi and private hire exemption provides more flexibility for people working in the taxi trade and makes the area more accessible for people who rely on taxis. 

The bus gate will also help to prioritise the number 36 bus service by stopping through traffic travelling from Church Road (A420) via Avonvale Road onto Blackswarth Road.