Traffic data results


Traffic data results

During March and April we carried out traffic surveys and monitored local streets and main roads to find out how people are travelling through the area. 

This will help us understand how people's perceptions of traffic are reflected in the data and what impact any changes to the road layout may have. 

Motor traffic movements

This map shows the volume of traffic on local streets and main roads. High levels of traffic use Church Road and Blackswarth Road, with several residential streets also with high usage. 

Walking & cycling movements

This map shows how people walk, cycle, scoot and wheel through the area. As the main high street, Church Road has very high levels of walking with streets near local schools also having significant levels. 

Interactive data map

We've recorded all of the travel data alongside the comments made on the map from the co-discover stage of engagement so that you can see all the information in one place.