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Walk this way this May

We are continuing to go through all the responses from our first round of engagement and writing a report with all the findings.

This will help us to pinpoint where the issues on local streets are and find out what matters most to communities in and around the pilot area.

As we had so many comments, ideas and feedback, it’s taking a little longer than we thought.

We are also planning our next stage of engagement, the co-develop phase, which will include a series of workshops taking place this summer to look at possible solutions to the problems and find out what would work best for the local community.

In the meantime, as our results show walking is generally the main way you get to shops, education and leisure, we’re promoting Bristol Walk Fest and the walking app Go Jauntly, which are great ways to discover walks in your area and around Bristol.

Enhanced green routes for Bristol

May is National Walking Month, and Go Jauntly and Tranquil City is launching Green Routes Tranquillity Scores for Bristol.

This will allow Go Jauntly app users in Bristol to see tranquillity scores - based on street design, the amount and quality of green space and noise pollution - for local walking routes.

This means walks are based on more than just how long they will take, leading to even more health and wellbeing benefits.

Find out how to download the free Go Jauntly app

Green routes workshop invitation

Our active travel team is inviting people from the Redfield and Barton Hill area to test the Green Routes Tranquillity Scores feature in a workshop on 25 or 26 May.

The two to three hour workshop will include:

  • Green Routes app demonstration
  • Direct route guided short walk (not using the Green Routes feature)
  • Green Route guided short walk (using the Green Routes feature)
  • Feedback on the Green Routes feature and walks
  • The results will help us to review the Green Routes feature and help us decide how we can promote it to encourage a shift to walking and cycling through healthier, more enjoyable journeys.

    Contact us to find out more about the workshop.

    Posted on 5th May 2022

    by Liveable Neighbourhoods team