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News of some changes to the trial scheme

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update for you about the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood.

In that time, we’ve been going through the feedback on our proposals for the trial scheme. Based on this feedback to date, we are considering a number of changes to the trial.

Take a look at our updated map and find out more about what’s changing.

We are aiming to start the trial this winter with temporary changes, which we will keep under close review. Again, we will take on the community’s feedback before anything is made permanent.

What’s in it for you?

We are bringing forward the Liveable Neighbourhood project in Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George because we want these areas to have the opportunity to access the millions of pounds made available nationally to improve active travel.

The money could mean more street trees, cycle storage space, urban drainage and other improvements. The investment could help make the areas safer to move around and reduce pollution. This investment could also be an opportunity to increase footfall for local businesses and boost trade.

Myth busting

Understandably, as we develop more ideas and as more people hear about them, residents have questions and concerns. We remain committed to working with communities to find solutions. However, there is also misinformation being circulated. It’s important you have the correct facts about how your Liveable Neighbourhood would work:

  • Nobody will be charged for driving into or out of the Liveable Neighbourhood area. However, if you were to drive through one of the proposed bus gates you would receive a penalty charge notice as you would for anywhere in the city. However, there will be a number of vehicle types that will be exempt - check the website to find out more.
  • No roads will be completely closed to vehicular traffic. All roads will still be accessible by car/vehicle. You may have to drive by a different route as there could be point closures (known as modal filters), so that streets are primarily for residents.
  • Emergency services will be able to access all roads.
  • Find out the answers to more frequently asked questions.

    How we’re keeping you informed

    To make sure communities are aware of these changes, we are also writing to properties across the project area and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, has published a story on the the mayor’s website about the proposed updates to the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood trial scheme.

    Posted on 27th September 2023

    by Liveable Neighbourhoods team