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Launch of design toolkit

We’re excited to be launching the design toolkit in preparation for the second phase of the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot.

The toolkit is made up of a range of possible solutions to the issues that were raised through the community survey, which was part of the co-discover phase of engagement.

The 16 possible solutions fall under one of three groups:

  • Main roads – potential solutions that can address the barriers and severance caused by busy main roads.
  • Local streets - potential solutions that can change how the area is used by different modes of transport.
  • Community assets - assets that can change how streets look and feel so they can be enjoyed by the community.
  • We've developed cards for each of the 16 solutions with information on what they are, how they can help, what the drawbacks may be, and whether they could be trialled with temporary materials to understand how they work.

    The cards also have a star rating so they can be compared with each other. These ratings are indicative and can help act as conversation starters so you can consider the benefits of the different possible solutions.

    We're introducing the toolkit ahead of community design workshops that will take place in the autumn, so that you can start thinking about what you'd like to see in your area.

    When combined these solutions can help balance how streets are used for people and traffic.

    Take a look at the design toolkit.

    Posted on 16th August 2022

    by Liveable Neighbourhoods team