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Have your say on the east Bristol liveable neighbourhood pilot

Liveable neighbourhoods are areas of a city where improvements are designed in partnership with local communities. Their aim is to achieve a better balance between how streets are used for transport and people.

People living in Barton Hill, Redfield and St George now have the chance to share their views on which measures they’d like to see introduced to their neighbourhood.

Measures can be small scale and easy to install, such as planting trees, providing more benches, community activity spaces, and better lighting, while making it easier to catch a bus and to walk or cycle, with improved infrastructure and measures to reduce through traffic.

Councillor Don Alexander, Cabinet Member Responsible for Transport, said:

“I am delighted our first Liveable Neighbourhood pilot is getting underway. It’s about working in partnership with communities to create stronger, safer and happier neighbourhoods. This pilot project is really important and is one of the ways we will be working in partnership to make Bristol a sustainable city with a low impact on our planet and a healthy environment for all. We are now asking for local views from Barton Hill, Redfield and St George neighbourhoods, to understand what areas are like now, what is good and not so good about them, and how we could make them better. I encourage everyone across these areas to get involved, whether you live, work, study or visit east Bristol, we want to hear from you.”

The introduction of Liveable Neighbourhoods to Bristol follows a pledge made by the Mayor, Marvin Rees, to roll out two pilots in the city.

Additionally, Bristol’s landmark Citizens’ Assembly, backed this call for the city’s neighbourhoods to be reimagined so they are people-centred and more liveable.

The east Bristol pilot will set out to deliver a safe, healthy, inclusive, and attractive environment where everyone can breathe clean air, have access to better quality green and play space, and feel a part of their community.

Councillor Ellie King, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Communities and Bristol One City, said:

“Liveable Neighbourhoods give us the opportunity to rethink and reset where we live. They empower our local communities to transform their neighbourhoods into places where people want to spend time and bring a sense of pride and belonging. As our first pilot project, it’s an exciting time for east Bristol, and we are looking forward to working with the local community to help build a better Bristol.”

The first round of engagement will run from 31 January to 13 March 2022.

A survey is going out to 6,000 homes and 400 businesses across east Bristol asking for views on the measures that people would like to see introduced.

You can also complete the survey online .

A series of events are set to take place in east Bristol to provide opportunities for residents to discuss and offer their views about the pilot. Find out more .

Businesses across the project area of Barton Hill, Redfield and St George are also being invited to complete an additional survey . It asks for information about individual businesses, such as how many employees they have, how deliveries are made, how staff travel to work, and how their waste is collected.

The east Bristol liveable neighbourhood pilot project is being funded by the West of England Combined Authority.

Posted on 31st January 2022

by The project team