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Check out our co-discover findings

Earlier this year we asked residents, businesses, and everyone who travels to or through Barton Hill, Redfield and St George to give us their views on the area as part of the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood early engagement exercise.

We received thousands of responses through our community survey, interactive map, postcards, drop-in sessions, school visits and more.

It’s taken us a while to go through all your feedback, and the good news is that we’ve now published our East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood Co-Discover Engagement Report.

From this we can see the top three essential things near where you live are that:

  • everyone feels safe to walk and cycle
  • there is good air quality
  • it’s easy and convenient to walk, cycle and use public transport
  • And the top suggestions for how the area could be improved are to:

  • slow down traffic
  • improve road safety
  • reduce traffic
  • safer junction for walking and cycling
  • add crossing points
  • Having an overview of the issues you care about most means we can start putting together a range of possible solutions as part of the co-develop phase. This will include measures to reduce, slow and redistribute traffic away from residential streets, as well as measures to make walking and cycling safer, easier and more pleasant.

    We'll be adding a list along with descriptions of these solutions online later this summer so you can think about which ones will work well in your neighbourhood.

    Then in September and October we’ll be inviting you to a series of workshops to find out what you think of these measures, whether they are right for your neighbourhood, and where you think they could have the most benefit.

    Once we've completed this co-develop phase, we'll review the findings and build our case to fund the trial scheme. This will be followed by more community engagement to make sure our final, permanent scheme is right for the area.

    Find out the results of the co-discover phase.

    Posted on 22nd July 2022

    by Liveable Neighbourhoods team